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We are in crisis. BAM!

Not the financial crisis we read in the news, a crisis that we all create and feed in our day-by-day. It’s an old discussion that hasn’t shown much advance till nowadays. Almost every corporation spread the word “sustainability” using it as a badge, but a closer look reveal that they’re using it as marketing. Isolated reduce on the carbon footprints is in parity to a excuse to continue polluting.

The thing is: we can’t isolate the social issues anymore. Everything is related, connected. The way we think and act needs to be reviewed.

“We need to be the change we wish to see in the world “. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Proportionally to this talk, in the transportation field, there have been a lot of concepts developed to reduce emissions and save energy, but to really breath sustainability, I see two overall paths.

One is to reduce individual transportation concept, the car as an fashion accessory, developing efficient, public or collaborative transportation, open to everyone. But would it really be like that? Would everyone accept it that easily? Would everyone forget the pleasure, the sense of freedom that a car, a steering wheel provides? And, for as good as the public transport may be, would everyone really like to go where everyone goes? We hope that’s true, but this change won’t happen on a blink of an eye.

The other is to think about truly durable goods concept. Cars should be real durable, and not as today’s car market trends leads, where a new “version” of the same four wheeled box is released a year or two after the previous version and reducing. If cars could last more, the results on reducing both waste and natural resources consumption would be very favorable. Why and how has some of the designs of Bauhaus, that were proposed almost a century ago, still breath modernity inside furniture stores, or architectural projects. Simply because they do their job functionally and aesthetically, not with new interfaces and concepts, but with simplicity and minimalism. A universal design.


Mies Van Der Rohe





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